The One with All the Posters


24×36″ Poster Series and 8.5 x 11″ multiple series enclosed with customized rubber band (in collaboration with No Kings Press)

In 1994, two incredible things made their way into the homes of North Americans: the hit television program Friends, and the World Wide Web. Friends ended its television reign in 2004 and the Internet lives on— but those ten years of co-existence mark an important era in our recent history. Friends represents the only generation whose ‘coming of age’ story parallels that of the Internet. In a sense, Friends is an artifact of a time so different from today; a document of the growing pains of a society adapting to a new form of communication.

The One with all the Posters is a printed series that celebrates the language of emergent technology as seen on Friends. They look at the lapses in the vocabulary used during the evolution of consumer digital and web-based technologies. From antiquated words such as ‘Cyber chick’, to antiquated technologies such as Discmans, The One with all the Posters provides an archive for language that is now considered irrelevant, or outdated. It also points to some of the early moments during the advent of the World Wide Web when the personal was largely still offline. These posters capture the adjustment period of living online—from dealing with death on the Internet to online dating—the treatment of language pre-web 2.0. becomes an uncanny ghost of a not so distant past.