Finally! The Table Of Contents We’ve All Been Waiting For…What It Does Is SO NICE!!

2016 for Spiffy moves (Montreal)

I created the table of contents in the style of clickbait for the Montreal art publication Spiffy Moves; a printed collection of experimental art writing and visual art. I have been collecting clickbait for some time. The language used in clickbait is sensational, actively misleading, evokes an emotional response from its readers, and is created to optimize click­throughs, likes, shares, and advertising dollars. The language is empty, cliched, and above all, limited. Art language, while perhaps less evocative, can be empty, cliched, and above all, limited. So, I swapped out one exhausted subset of language for the other. Artspeak is typically connected to academia, while clickbait lives in the realm of popular and common culture; yet both share similar limitations. The purpose of this project was not to scrutinize or mock the projects in Spiffy Moves, rather, it was an exercise in language, and an attempt to blend and expand two sets of vocabularies that fall into distinct and opposing categories of vernacular.

Spiffy moves