Hello! This is the story of an artist and arts administrator who, in 2013, made the switch to arts administrator and artist. Subtle sentence restructure, huge identity shift.

And then, in 2017, I went ahead and had a baby. I suppose another work of art?

And now, 10 years after that shift, and 6 years after becoming a parent, I’m figuring out how to do all those things at the same time in a more balanced way. I’m re-learning how to be an artist that fits with my life today.

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I also make work collaboratively with the 44.4 Mother Artist Collective.



And of course, I am still an arts administrator!

Me and Kiddo at the Still Tho exhibition at Âjagemô, the gallery at my day job at the Canada Council for the Arts in May 2022.
Photo: Brandon Clarida Image Services