44.4 Mothers/Artists Collective, Sad Trombones, Arts Administration. It’s all here, baby.

Hey! I used to make art, like a lot. Then, I got a job that made that really hard to do. The job is art-related, but I don’t make art for that job (unless you believe arts administration is an art, and well, it kind of is, isn’t it?)

And then, I went ahead and had a baby. I suppose another work of art?

And now, well, I’m figuring out how to do all those things at the same time. It’s slow-moving, but I’m getting there, with some help and good old community along the way. Most recently, I’ve joined a Mothers/Artist Collective called 44.4 and we survived the pandemic by talking about art, making cool lawn/political signs (see above), and preparing for a show, that got funding from the City of Ottawa. Woot woot!

I’m currently working on something called The 52 in 2 Project where I make something every week for the entire year with the 2 hours I have on the weekend while my kid watches tv. Low stakes, pleasant surprises. Some of the work is bad, some is ok, some is good, but most importantly, I’m teaching myself a new way to work. Some of the work will never see the light of day outside of my studio, and some of them will turn into projects that will be exhibited or sold. Who knows?

Me and Kiddo at the Still Tho exhibition at Âjagemô, the gallery at my day job at the Canada Council for the Arts in May 2022. Photo: Brandon Clarida Image Services