The One where the Amateurs Write the Script

2013, 24 x 36 inch poster, hung with coloured push pins.

The transcripts used in my research are not only unofficial transcripts, they are texts transcribed from online Friends fans from all over the world. Word for word (or at least as best they can), these fans have created this database out of, what I can only assume to be, a great love for the show. Although these scripts are transcribed directly from every single Friends episode, each transcript is different; simple decisions such as sentence structure, how to visually place emphasis on how a word is communicated, and how action-based scenes are described, turn each script into a subjective and personal work of art. These nuanced and subtle choices create individualized scripts, that together, form this unofficial archive of the show. From spelling errors to hilarious side commentary (example from transcriber Eric Aasen: “Two guys walk over and interrupt her. They’re both names you’ve already heard. One’s Billy Crystal. Yes, that Billy Crystal from City Slickers. The other one is Robin Williams. Yes, that Robin Williams from Mrs. Doubtfire.”) each script is both obsessively detailed yet full of small errors and off-script banter. The One where the Amateurs write the script pays homage to the super fans of Friends.