The One with the Sarcasm

2013 Video, 6m37,

In humour, sarcasm presents a linguistic gap where text is at odds with its delivery. In Friends, Matthew Perry’s character Chandler Bing became the spokesperson for sarcasm, delivering zinger after zinger on the show. His offbeat use of intonation and cadence had the ability to turn regular lines into scathing, sarcastic remarks. The One with the Sarcasm features male actors blindly reading a modified script of Chandler Bing lines. The actors were unaware that the script came from Friends and were only given the following character description to work from:

CHARACTER #1— MALE (18-28): Droll. Dry. A wry observer of everyone’s life. And his own. Works in front of a computer doing something tedious in a claustrophobic cubicle in a nondescript office building. Survives by way of his sense of humor. And snacks.

Special thanks to the actors: Jordan Brazo, Zachary Dunn, Tyler Rhinehart, Joel Weissman.