The One with the Lord’s Name in Vain

2013, Video, 7m34

In this video, a similar textual gap is happening as in The One with the Sarcasm. This video takes secondary character Janice Litman’s tag-line of “Oh My God” and extracts it from the script for a variety of female actors to read. While the saying “Oh My God” has long been stripped of its original meaning, it is one of the most common phrases within conversational language. Janice’s character takes on the JAP (Jewish American Princess) iteration of the phrase. The JAP was a common archetype in sitcoms from the 1990s, and everyone from The Nanny Fran Fine, to Grace Adler on Will & Grace uttered “Oh My God” in a similar, nasally voice. “Oh My God” was also a popular Valley Girl phrase, and more recently, “Oh My God” has made its way from online vernacular to the everyday with “OMG.”

As with male actors, the female actors were only given a character description to work from:

CHARACTER #2— FEMALE (18-28): Extremely annoying. Extravagant fashion sense. A loud, nasal exaggerated New-York accent, and a loud laugh which is so annoying that men say that it causes their testicles to retract.

Special thanks to the actors: Khaelin Damm, Kendra Okereke, Nihan Tasbasi, Casey York.